Artistas de diferentes rincones del mundo, unidos por una misma pasión: la música

Out Run – Dreams

Dan Oz – Dancing Alone

Jake Huffman – Martyr

The Boy from the South – Man Down (Official Visualizer)

EMMY – Crying In My Boots

Arwin – More Than Just A Feeling

Beldon Haigh – One Way Holiday (official music video)

Zulhou – Wildfire

A Beacon School – Alone

Allison Kane – Next Life (Official Music Video)

Bandy103 – Melodien

Jontha Links – hero

Moni – Estoy Bien

Nicolette Capua – What Was I Made For? (Dance Version)

BOWIE – No One Knows Me Better

Lucius Arthur – Scarlet Tears

Elyrix – Bills

Kevin Kelly – MK

Íñigo Soler – Empezar a querer (I) (Lyric video)

Vollhagelstern x JAE – Mover (feat. JAE)

OC – Down For Me (feat. TreCash)

John Gallen – One-Way Boat Trip

Tavy – Bring It Up

KID TRAVIS – How Did I Fall So Hard?

Arni Rom – PLAYA DE GÜIGÜÍ (Video Oficial)

Eden Rain – pet names

Nothing but a Nightmare – Problems Being Cool

FRANCOISN – Release Me (I Need To Find The Truth) feat Dietmar (Official visualizer)

Sea Girls – Weekends and Workdays

Weezy.records – Houston

Marcos Del Valle – Ella

Harry Wanne – High again.

Lil’Banana – Emmer för se do

Disaster – LEFT